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A wall mounted wine rack can be the perfect addition to just about any room in your home. Whether it’s in a dedicated cellar, an addition to the kitchen or simply as a feature piece within the living room, it’s an excellent way to easily showcase your wine and have it within easy reach when you’re planning to have a cheeky quaff.

Our wall wine rack systems are all-inclusive, both compact and stylish. We have proprietary systems that are small enough to fit just about any style or space, while also allowing you to expand it out as your wine collection continues to grow. It’s deliberately designed to make a striking appearance while still serving as a complementary feature for just about any decor. Importantly, it’s functional, too — the angle the wine is stashed at keeps the liquid in contact with the cork, helping ensure that it doesn’t dry out and reducing the risk of issues such as corking into the future.

So if you’ve been looking for a stylish, elegant and practical solution for your wine storage needs, why not invest in a wall mounted wine rack from Wine Stash today?

You’ll be able to simultaneously store, age and display your wine, thanks to this modern and expandable wine rack.

Wine Stash — your source for wall-mounted wine racks in the United States

As a 100% Australian-owned company, Wine Stash is committed to providing sustainable and stylish wine storage solutions for every home. From design to manufacturing, all of our processes are 100% Carbon Neutral. Additionally, we’ll plant a tree on your behalf whenever you order from Wine Stash, helping ensure the sustainability of our product range.

In addition to our selection of hanging wine racks and wood wall wine racks, we also offer a variety of other wine storage solutions, including modular solutions, wine cubes and a variety of other Bespoke feature pieces.

Get in touch with the team at Wine Stash today to discover more about how you can transform your wine collection with our great selection of pieces.


How do l install the wall mounted wine racks?

When you purchase a wall mounted wine rack from Wine Stash, you’ll also receive a full set of mounting brackets, free of charge. These attach to your wine rack, allowing you to securely and safely mount your rack on any brick, concrete, timber or plasterboard wall. All you’ll need is a drill, and you’ll easily be able to set up your wall mounted wine rack for immediate use.

Where is the best place to install the wall wine racks?

Our range of wall wine racks are available in a selection of different heights and styles, so you’ll be able to choose a rack that perfectly suits any part of your house. Smaller racks are great to install in the kitchen or in a nearby hallway so that they’re within easy reach when you’re entertaining. However, for long-term storage, you may want to invest in a larger ensemble that can be affixed into your cellar, or simply into your living room to also serve as a conversation piece.

How are wall mounted wine racks different from ladder wine racks?

Wall mounted wine racks are different from ladder racks as they’re permanently affixed to the wall and are also designed to be expandable; you’re easily able to attach more wine racks around the initial one as your expansion grows. By contrast, ladder wine racks are propped against the wall and can be moved around as necessary and when desired. They’re also not modular as such; they are as much about serving as a visual centrepiece as they are functional. However, both are great storage options, and many dedicated aficionados will opt to use both types of displays in different areas of their home.

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