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Wine Stash - Premium & Affordable Wine Racks. Made from 100% Sustainably Sourced Timber. Store, Age & Display your dream wine cellar in style with Wine Stash
Wine Stash - Premium & Affordable Wine Racks. Made from 100% Sustainably Sourced Timber. Store, Age & Display your dream wine cellar in style with Wine Stash. Available in a range of sizes and colours to craft your dream cellar.

Choose Your Wine Rack Style

Bespoke Collection

Unique range of Wine Racks available exclusively online in limited quantities. Hand crafted centrepieces designed to induce the "wow" factor. A rapidly changing collection of the wine connoisseurs must have items.

The Classic Collection

The "IKEA of Wine Racks". Showcase your wine for generations with the Classic Range of premium wine racks from Wine Stash. Proprietary designs are available in a range of sizes, colours and options. Can also be custom built to suit your available space perfectly.

The Cube Collection

Browse our curated selection of Wine Cubes & Wine Cellar Kits Kits to help you create your dream cellar. Available in a range of sizes and colours, Wine Stash cubes can be used in any orientation and configuration.

The Modular Collection

100% Australian made wine racks designed to be stacked vertically. Optimising space and creating a true cellar atmosphere. Available in a range of sizes and finishes to match your decor perfectly.

Wall Mountable Wine Racks

Available in a range of different styles and sizes. These wine racks mount flush against your wall. Creating a stylish, yet simplistic show piece for your wine.

Walk In Wine Cellars

Wine Stash is able to design and manufacture wine racks into any shape and size. Available in a range of different sizes, styles and timber colours to suit your exact specifications.

Our capabilities include design and carpentry services, glass pannels, backlighting, UV Tinting, Insulation, Temerature & Humidity Control and Delivery/Installation services Australia Wide.

Cellar Kits

Kickstart your home cellar with a Wine Stash exclusive Cellar Kit. Featuring discounts across our most popular configurations of Wine Cubes and Lattice Cubes.

Global Leaders in Stylish, Simplistic & Affordable Wine Storage Solutions.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Wine Stash is now 100% FSC Certified. Offering the most sustainable timber available globally

100% FSC Certified Timber

The FSC Certification is considered the "Gold Standard" for sustainable timber. Every wine rack available at Wine Stash is sourced from the most sustainably sourced timber available globally.

You can shop in confidence knowing you are making the sustainable choice with Wine Stash.

100% Carbon Neutral

Everything from Manufacturing to Production to Final Delivery does not produce any CO2 emissions. Wine Stash is dedicated to improving the environment and creating a better planet for future generations.


What types of wine storage racks does Wine Stash offer?

At Wine Stash, we stock a collection ofwine bottle racks designed to suit a range of styles and tastes. When browsing our online store, you’ll findclassicwine storage racks,wine cubes,modular shelves, wall-mountable racks, uniquebespoke designs and evencustom built walk-in cellars. If you’re looking for something smaller and discreet, shop our modular racks or make a statement in your home with a bespoke wine ladder. If you need to fit out a larger commercial or residential space, we will gladly work with you to find a customwine cellar rack solution.

What material are your wine storage racks made out of?

Our premium wine rack collection has been designed using high-quality materials, including eco-friendly New Zealand pine and timber, and sustainably sourced perspex. At Wine Stash, we are committed to environmentally-friendly manufacturing and production, which is why we plant a tree on your behalf after every purchase. We are dedicated to improving the environment, reducing CO2 emissions and helping promote global reforestation. 

Do you offer delivery?

At Wine Stash, we proudly deliver ourwine racks acrossthe United States and throughout the world. We work with several trusted delivery partners to ensure yourwine storage rack purchase is delivered safely, professionally and on time. For orders across Australia, we provide standard and express shipping options which may vary depending on the size of your order. For further information on shipping costs, international delivery times and other particulars, make sure to check out our helpful deliveryFAQs page. If you have any specific delivery queries, don’t hesitate toget in touch with someone from our friendly customer service team.

How do l know which wine rack is best suited for me?

Finding the rightwine rack is like finding the perfect drop of wine; sometimes, you’ve got to search to find a product that’s right for you. Fortunately, at Wine Stash, we stock a wide variety ofwine storage racks designed in different sizes, models and colours to suit a range of different personal tastes and aesthetics. 

When browsing our collections, you’ll find simple wine cubes and more elaborate statement designs. Whether you’re after something rustic, modern or sleek, at Wine Stash, we’ve got all of your design needs covered. If you’re still unsure which Wine Stashwine rack will look best in your home or commercial space, feel free tocontact someone from our expert customer service team to learn more about our collection.

Do you make racks in custom sizes?

When it comes to findingwine racks to store, age or display your wine, at Wine Stash, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. If you want to customize your dream wine cellar, our team of experts will work with you to design and manufacture wine storage racks built into any shape, size, timber options or colour to suit your needs. If you have something specific in mind,get in touch with someone from our Wine Stash team for a free quote today.

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