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Wine Stash Fridge Stackable Single Wine or Drink Bottle Holder

Professional Wine Storage for every part of your house. Introducing the new range of Fridge Racks from Wine Stash. This range of wine racks is designed to add sophistication and organisation to your fridge. Keep your favourite bottles of white wine or bubbly icy cold all year round with the Fridge Stackable bottle holder from Wine Stash.

  • The measurements of this wine rack are:
    • Length: 4"
    • Width: 8"
    • Height: 4"

    With a total capacity of 1 bottle per unit.

    • This wine rack is designed to be stacked inside your fridge. The new heavy duty plastic from Wine Stash is designed to last a lifetime. Multiple units can be connected together to store all your favourite bottles of wine neatly and professionally.


    • Did you know:
      • This Wine Rack is made from 100% sustainably materials.
      • Everything from design to manufacturing to delivery is 100% Carbon Neutral.


    Customer Reviews

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    Romi Patel
    Perfect for my fridge

    These are a great way t9 store wine when your fridge does not have a dedicated (or enough) wine storage location

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