The most stylish way to store your wine bottles.

Express yourself through your Wine Collection. 100% Australian designed wall mountable wine racks.

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Wine Tile is a unique eye-catcher in any home and is made to share the joy of enjoying good wine with great friends.

Easy To Mount

With just four screws, Wine Tiles are easy to mount on any surface and a breeze to change or upgrade.

To Your Taste

Whether you're a lover of red, white or mahogany, Wine Tile comes in colors that suit your unique taste. Add or change your Wine Tiles as your taste and collection change.

Why Use Wine Tiles?

100% Sustainably Sourced

We're proud of our supply chain, which only contains 100 % sustainably sourced materials.

Bespoke Collection

the way you'd like to store your wine is as personal as your preference in wine. That's why we created a modular wine rack in different colors that you can assemble in just the way you like.

Hand crafted

Our products are made by people who have a passion for wine and craftsmanship, which results in quality, eye-catching Wine Tiles.