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Any wine connoisseur will tell you that storage is one of the most important parts of ensuring your wine tastes its best. Whether you have a few bottles that you want to store until they are at their prime, or you have over two hundred bottles that you’d like to display, Wine Stash has a variety of wine cellar kits for you to choose from.

Made mainly from sustainable New Zealand timber with sturdy steel components, our home wine cellar kits are the perfect eco-conscious choice for almost any decor and surroundings. From 35-bottle diamond wine cubes to 324-bottle designs, you’ll find an ideal storage solution in our wide range of modular wine cellar kits.

If you are looking for wine cellar racks to suit an authentic cellar with traditional style, you can’t go past our industrial wine cubes. Created from rustic pallet-style timber with elegant black corner rails, this design is a perfect example of our quality, hand-crafted construction. For those who prefer something more modern, our clear wine cellar racks are designed in a unique diamond pattern and can be used independently or stacked with other options in the cube range from Wine Stash.

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At Wine Stash, we believe in sustainability. Not only are all of our processes carbon neutral, but we’re also committed to using only sustainable materials. In order to do this, we pledge to plant a tree for every home wine cellar kit that is purchased.

So, complete your bespoke wine cellar with a lattice wine cube in a natural wood finish or simply store your wine in a way that not only looks good but makes your wine taste better. No matter your unique interior decor aesthetic or the extensiveness of your wine collection, you’ll find the perfect storage solution and accessories for keeping your wine and liquor in pristine condition.

For more information about our home wine cellar kits or our modular and bespoke collections please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.


What products would you recommend if l want to have a home wine cellar?

Once you have the humidity and temperature controls in place, the most important thing you need in your wine cellar is somewhere to safely and stylishly store, display and age your wine bottles. At Wine Stash, we have home wine cellar kits in various sizes, modular styles and with different finishes to complete any home cellar. Whether you’re looking for something to go in a corner or to go against an entire wall, you’ll find the perfect wine cellar racks in our collection.

How do l know which products are best suited for my cellar at home?

The best wine cellar kits are those that are not only functional but also stylish. Choose a wine rack for your home cellar based on the size of your wine collection as well as the aesthetic of your home decor. From basic display cubes for 14 of your favourite bottles to dramatic, modular wine cellar kits for up to 2,700 bottles, Wine Stash has a vast collection of cellar storage solutions to suit your unique requirements.

What sizes do you offer for wine cellar kits?

The dimensions of our smallest wine cubes have a length of 60cm, a width of 30cm and a height of 60cm. These cubes can be stacked in any orientation or direction — allowing for endless interior design possibilities. For example, our 2,700 wine cellar kits include 50 of our 30-bottle lattice cubes and 50 of our 24-bottle wine cubes. No matter the specifications of your cellar, we can help you design a bespoke solution to suit your room perfectly.

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